Union County Chief Jailer
Sara Hight

209 E. Main St. Ste.#250
Elk Point, SD 57025-2327

Phone: 605-356-9498
FAX: 605-356-3356
E-mail: unioncoso@iw.net
Web site: unioncountysd.com


The Chief Jailer of Union County is Sara Hight, who oversees 8 fulltime and 4 part-time jailers. Hight is responsible for all operations of the jail.

The Union County Jail was built and moved into in August of 1999. The jail has 40 beds plus 12 beds used for work release. The jail also houses Federal Marshall prisoners and INS prisoners.

The Union County Jail allows and encourages inmates to maintain contact with family, and friends through visits allowed through the visitation schedule. Visitors will need to call to schedule visits allowed through the visitation schedule. Visitors will need to call to schedule visits through the jail staff between the hours of 8:00 am- 4:00 pm Monday through Friday only. Visits are set up a week in advance, and will be Monday @6:00 pm and  6:30 pm.  Tuesday through Friday 2:30 pm, 3:00 pm, 6:00 pm and 6:30 pm. Each inmate will have one half hour visit per week. There are two slots available during each specified time. The number to call to set up a visit is (605) 356-9498. Visitors that have not made appointments will not be allowed to visit. If a visitor fails to show up for a scheduled visit they will not be allowed to reschedule the visit for the same week. Visitors that show up late will only be allowed to visit for the time remaining during their time slot. any disruptions by either party during the visit will result in termination of the visit time. Any visit may be denied if:
    *    The inmate or visitor is disruptive or dangerous.
    *    The visitor appears to be under the influence of alcohol and/ or drugs.
    *    The visitor refuses to show, or does not provide identification.
    *    The visitor refuses to submit to proper security precautions.
    *    Any contraband is detected on the visitor.
    *    The Sheriff or Chief Jailer denies the visit for security reasons.
    *    An officer is unavailable to supervise.
Money Requests
All monies (including visitation money) will only be available for withdrawal on Monday morning. Inmates wishing to withdraw money from their account must fill out the provided request from. The maximum amount available for withdrawal will be $40.00. Inmates that have visits scheduled for Monday evening that did not have money on their account will be allowed to receive funds (not to exceed $40.00) that is dropped off by the visitor. Money orders and checks will not be cashed by the Sheriff's Office or any of its employees. These items may be cashed during commissary, but inmates will be charges $2.00 to do so. Each inmate is required to sign the appropriate form to receive their money.
The Union County Jail will only be accepting inmate property (including monies) Tuesday through Friday between the hours of 2:00 pm-6:00 pm, or during scheduled visitations. Any items brought to the jail during times other than those listed will be turned away. Acceptable inmate property will be handed out after visits or when the jail staff is available to do so. Only the items listed are allowed in the Union County Jail. All items must be brand new, and in the original package. NO EXCEPTIONS.
5 pairs of white underwear (new unopened packages only)
5 pairs of white socks (new unopened packages only)
5 white t-shirts (new unopened packages only, no tank tops, sleeveless shirts, or v-necks)
Writing paper (no spiral notebooks)
Clear pens (black or blue ink only)
2 pictures
Shampoo (clear liquid and clear container new only, no conditioner)
Deodorant (clear Old Spice, High Endurance or Lady Speedstick only)
2 paperback books (no magazines)
money (each inmate's account will not exceed $200.00)
No bar soap or body washes will be accepted
Notice to Inmates Sentenced In Union County
Effective February 1st, 1998 all inmates sentenced to the Union County Jail will be charges $10 per day for room and board. This fee will be
deducted daily from the inmates account.
SDCL 24-11-45, which authorizes prisoners confined to jail while serving a sentence to be liable for the cost of their confinement, became effective July 1st, 1995. Below is a full text of SDCL 24-11-5.
"A prisoner confined to any jail while serving a sentence is liable for the cost of the prisoner's confinement including room and board charges, medical, dental, optometric and psychiatric service charges, vocational education training and chemical dependency treatment charges. If after considering the prisoners net income, net worth, number of dependants and any existing obligations the Judge who sentenced the prisoner to jail determines that the prisoner is unable to pay, the Judge may waive all or part of the payment for the cost of the inmates confinement."
This is to inform you that we will bill you and if not paid it will be turned over to a collections agency.





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