Union County currently has an investigator and six fulltime deputies. The site is being updated to include more information soon.
Patrol Staff:


Sargeant Jim Prouty


Deputy Jason Westcott


Deputy Fernando Claren


Deputy Kendra Windeshausen
Unit Services
The Patrol Division responses to calls for service throughout the County, protects persons and property, maintains security by monitoring businesses, homes and other property; and enforces the laws, statutes and ordinances of the townships the County of Union and the State of South Dakota. The deputies investigate crimes and traffic accidents, conduct searches and rescues and respond to fire, medical, and other emergencies.
Investigative Division
Chief Deputy Michael Bucholz
Michael Bucholz oversees the operation of all investigations. These cases include: death, assault, burglary, theft, robbery, fraud, narcotics violations and other major incidents. He is responsible for case processing, referral to the prosecutor's office and trial testimony.
All deputies can be contacted by calling the Union County Sheriff's Office at 605-356-2679
or by email unioncoso@unioncountysd.org